DPS PitchLeads API Client Libraries


This site contains sample source code for the API client library in some common languages:

Each sample implements the same use case.


The basic usage of the API is composed as (for JSON format):

GET /api/v1/dictionaries/{dictCode}/entries/{entryId}?format={format} HTTP/1.0 Host: {hostname} Accept: application/json accessKey: {accessKey}

This request is used to get a specific dictionary entry in a specified format.

The variables are:

This sample can be resolved as:

GET /api/v1/dictionaries/british/entries/car?format=html HTTP/1.0 Host: my.dictionary.com Accept: application/json accessKey: myAccesKeymyAccesKeymyAccesKeymyAccesKeymyAccesKeymyAccesKeymyAc